Viking introduces the new WinTech and WinTech VAN

With the new WinTech series, Viking reaffirms its reputation as a highly-innovative brand that creates premium-brand level products. The WinTech’s quality is exactly what you’d expect from the successor to the well-tested SnowTech II. The basis for the WinTech is formed by a newly-developed, sturdy yet flexible carcass, which offers greater stability. Viking has continued to innovate on its own rubber compounds and fine-tuned the various properties of the materials to each other to an even greater extent. As a result, the rubber remains flexible at all winter temperatures, and the tyre is able to function perfectly no matter the conditions.

The tread has an open structure with broad directional grooves. The lateral grooves run through the directional grooves and to the edges of the tyre. Thereby, water and (wet) snow are efficiently drained away. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and increases safety considerably.
When driving over a thicker snow layer, the special zigzag lamellae help create more flexibility, and therefore better grip. The sharp tread edges grip into the snow, significantly increasing driving and braking characteristics.

The WinTech VAN has been developed especially for vans. A stiff, strong winter tyre with the same properties as the WinTech. The tread design is completely tailored to use under heavy conditions. The large, stiff tread blocks of the running surface and the continuous shoulder blocks ensure stable driving and braking behaviour even under heavy loads.

The WinTech is available in 40 sizes, from 13 up to and including 20 inches, and the WinTech VAN is available in 12 sizes, from 14 up to and including 16 inches. All the different models are supplied from Inter-Sprint’s own stock.