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Popularity of all-season tyres continues to rise

The amount of All-Season tyres on the road continues to grow. That’s the most important conclusion made from the four-season tyre test conducted annually by AutoWeek in collaboration with the German AutoBild. More and more motorists are opting for this compromise of summer and winter tyres. Because it still is; a compromise of summer and winter properties combined in one tyre. A compromise that is getting better and is provided with the 3PMSF certification (3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol). The latest tyre tests show that manufacturers are increasingly succeeding in producing a tyre that feels at home in all seasons. Especially when the winter season is part of a milder climate, these tyres perform more than well. However, under really harsh winter conditions, winter tyres are still preferred. The summery properties of the All-Season tyre have too much influence on the performance in heavy snow, especially in mountainous areas. However, in the Netherlands with the milder climate, All-Season tyres function well and are therefore a great alternative. But, to achieve the winter properties, the rubber composition is a bit softer and as a result, the All-Season tyres will wear a little faster. However, an additional advantage for the user is that the mandatory change from summer to winter tyres and vice versa is no longer necessary. The disadvantage for the industry is that this eliminates important extra contact moments with the customer.