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Bridgestone develops new tyre technology platform

Bridgestone, together with Arlanxeo and Solvay, introduces TechSyn, a new jointly developed tyre technology platform for high performance and environmentally friendly tyres.

Less wear

TechSyn combines chemically optimised synthetic rubber with tailor-made silica. They react with each other on a molecular level, which ensures excellent performance without compromise. The three companies developed all materials in TechSyn in parallel to create a platform for tyre technology. The result is 30 per cent less wear and reduces rolling resistance by up to six per cent, compared to other conventional Bridgestone summer tyres.

More sustainable

To ensure that less material is lost in tyre wear, extra attention was paid to tyre wear improvements during TechSyn development.

These improvements make TechSyn tyres more durable, reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and increasing tread life. As a result, these tyres last up to approximately 30% longer, which ultimately results in a tyre that needs to be replaced less often. In the long run, this reduces the consumption of raw materials.

By 2050, Bridgestone aims to be a company for sustainable solutions. The introduction of TechSyn, which is environmentally focused, is a milestone in this transformation process.